your perfect birth

Bringing a child into the world is a transformative and defining period in a woman's life. After her first birth, a woman becomes a mom and emerges from birth as a new version of herself. This transition into motherhood is strengthened by guidance and support from an experienced birth doula during pregnancy and labor, as well as postpartum doula care. Your perfect birth starts with your birth plan. The birth plan is the map for everyone on your birth team to know what matters most to you and how you envision your perfect birth. Every birth is different, and an expert birth plan ensures the best experience for mom and baby. After birth, many moms find comfort in keeping a piece of their experience and request placenta encapsulation. Placenta encapsulation can aid in the emotional postpartum transition, so I deliver them within three days of birth. Through compassionate and expert prenatal, labor, and postpartum services, I guide women into motherhood.